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The Library, established in 2019, houses over 8000 books ranging from 1500s literature to modern day Halachic responses 

Library Constitution

The Lubavitch Russian Centre Library is to provide a resource libraryto the public of books, manuscripts and audio

and visual material as well as ebooks and stem resources.


1. The Library shall be open from 9am to 3.30pm, Monday to Friday but in keeping with Jewish Law will close one hour before sunset on Fridays and before Jewish Festivals.


2. The Library will be closed on all Jewish Festivals during school vacations and on public holidays.


3. No fee is to be charged for the use of the Library. This rule can only be changed by the full Board

of Lubavitch Russian Centre Incorporated.


4. The Library is to be open to the general public, with admittance only to be refused outside of the above-mentioned operating hours and for security reasons.


5. The overall responsibility for the Library will rest with the Board of Lubavitch Russian Centre Incorporated who will appoint a library subcommittee to oversee its operations.


6. The committee shall consist of no less than 3 people and no more than 7.


7. At all times a majority of members of the committee will be responsible persons as defined by the ATO.


8. The first member of the committee and Liberian Rabbi Yehoram Ulman 3Responsible people for the library R' Shmuel Wainer Rabbi Menachem Ulman Rabbi Eli Schlanger.


9. The Library will be under the day-to-day control of R' Shmuel Wainer who will have the following responsibilities:


A.    The purchasing of books, manuscripts and other assets for the library. The Library Sub-Committee must first approve all purchases over $500 with purchases over $5,000 to be approved by the full Board.

B.    To ensure the Library is open on the hours noted above.

C.   Until and unless otherwise approved by the Board to ensure no books or manuscripts are removed from the Library's premises.

D.    To keep a catalogue of all books, manuscripts etc owned by the Library.

E.    To recommend to the Board fund raising activities to ensure the future viability of the Library. 

F.    To keep or arrange to be kept a separate set of financial accounts for the library.

G.    To ensure that gifts to the library fund for which tax deductibility has been given are used solely for the Library.

H.    To adjudicate as to whether a person should be refused entry to the Library.

I.    To develop an appropriate advertising campaign to ensure that as many people as possible who may benefit from the Library are aware of it.

10. Appropriate signage is to be placed on the front of the building to identify it as a Library.

11. The Library Gift Fund is to have a separate bank account and financial records. This account is only to be used for the Library.


12. All donations made to the Library Gift Fund are to be evidenced by way of a receipt in a form appropriate to the ATO for that purpose.

13. Fundraising activity will only be approved if they are legal and are appropriate.

14. Should donations be made to the Library of books, manuscripts or other items appropriate to the Library, the receipt issued will identify in as much detail as practicable the item.


15. If the Library Gift Fund is wound up or if its endorsement as a deductible gift recipient is revoked, any surplus assets of the fund remaining after payment of liabilities attributable to it shall be transferred to a fund, authority or institution to which income tax deductible gifts can be made which has similar objects to the Library.


16. The Library is to be staffed by a librarian and a support person. 


17. Once endorsement is approved as a deductible gift recipient by the Australian Taxation Office all the books manuscripts and associated assets currently owned by Lubavitch Russian Centre Incorporated are to be transferred to the Library. For clarity all assets contained within the Library are to be Library assets, including tables, chairs, floor coverings computers etc. All other assets of the College are to be kept at a separate location to the Library.


18. The Library may borrow money and provide its assets for security for those borrowings. However, the assets of the Library may not be used to secure borrowings of Lubavitch Russian Centre Incorporated in respect of any other purpose or the borrowings of any other person or institution.


19. The Library may join any association of libraries or any association of Jewish organizations.  



Rabbi Y. Ulman

R' Shmuel Wainer
Rabbi Menachem Ulman
Rabbi Eli Schlanger


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