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I, the undersigned fully empower and permit Senior Dayan of Sydney Beth Din, Rabbi Yehoram Ulman, to act in my place and stead, and on my behalf to sell all Chametz possessed by me, knowingly or unknowingly, as defined by the Torah and Rabbinic Law (eg Chametz, possible Chametz and all kinds of Chametz mixtures). Also, Chametz that tends to harden and adhere to inside surfaces of pans, pots or cooking useable utensils, and all kinds of live animals and pets that have been eating Chametz or mixtures thereof.

Rabbi Ulman is empowered to lease all places wherein the Chametz owned by me may be found, particularly located at the address below and elsewhere. 


Rabbi Ulman has full right to appoint any agent or substitute in his stead and said substitute shall have full right to sell and lease as provided. They also have the full power and right to act as they deem fit and proper in accordance with all the details of Bill of Sale in the transaction to sell all my Chametz. Chametz mixtures etc., as provided therein. The power is in conformity with Torah, Rabbinic and Civil laws. 

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